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Accountancy Curacao

Eric J. Vesseur RA


Eric J. Vesseur RA (1962), Managing Partner of Baker Tilly in the Dutch Caribbean. Eric has obtained his accountancy degree in 1992. He has been partner of Baker Tilly Curaçao since 1996. Formerly, Eric worked at KPMG in the Netherlands Antilles as well as in the Netherlands. Eric has acquired wide experience in the area of auditing and consulting in a broad range of economic sectors such as financial services industry, insurance, IT, telecom, wholesale and retail. Eric is a former and active board member of several professional institutions.

Frank A.C. Groenewegen AA


Frank A.C. Groenewegen AA (1967), Partner. Frank started his career in accountancy 30 years ago in the Netherlands and has gained extensive experience in advising small and medium sized entities and non-profit organizations in practically all industries. Before he joined our firm in 2009 he has worked as a manager and partner in the Netherlands and during a 3-year period as senior-manager of Ernst & Young on Curaçao. He has specialized in CFO On Demand services, advising family owned businesses, reviews of financial forecasts and business valuations.

Natalie Haitsma RA


Natalie Haitsma (1980) joined Baker Tilly Curacao in September 2011. She started her career at KPMG in The Netherlands and worked there for seven years. In 2009 she finished her RA education at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Natalie has extensive experience with audits in the following branches: Aircraft development and production; Construction; Government and Education institutes; Healthcare institutes; Insurance companies, Pension Funds, Retail and Transportation.

Natalie gained experience with the following types of assignments:
• Audit and review of financial statements;
• Non profit audits;
• EDP Audit;
• Rates and Cost surveys;
• Compliance audits;
• Interim bookkeeping support.

Since May 2012 Natalie is a Board member of the Dutch Caribbean Accountants Association in the function of treasurer and she is chairman of the commission of the Young Professionals Dutch Caribbean.

The personal values of Natalie are commitment to quality, result driven, excellent communicative skills, teamplayer.

Arjen Pool RA MSc

Senior Audit Manager

Arjen Pool works at Baker Tilly in Curaçao since 2002. He started his career at Ernst & Young Accountants in The Netherlands and worked several years as a financial controller for a retail and real estate company. He obtained a Master of Science in Accounting with a major in Register Accountant and graduated as Registeraccountant. Arjen has lots of experience with audit and advisory at both public and semi-public companies, financial institutions (hedge funds and investment companies) in the offshore branch in the Dutch Caribbean, gaming companies (online and land-based) and wholesale and retail companies.

Adrienne Noor


Adriënne Noor studied Bedrijfseconomie and Accountancy, Auditing & Control at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Adriënne is currently pursuing her Post-master Register Accountant, via University of Tilburg. Adriënne started her professional career in Audit & Assurance  in 2014 at Deloitte Dutch Caribbean and after 3.5 years she joined Baker Tilly. Adriënne has experience within several industries, including financial institutions, oil companies and utility companies.

Ariana Alvarez-Ariza


Ariana Alvarez-Ariza, Senior Assistant Accountant, has obtained her Bachelor degree in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management (Rotterdam University). She then proceeded with her Master in Business Administration with specialization in Accounting and financial management.
In the beginning of 2014 she moved to Curacao and started her career at KPMG Dutch Caribbean and Suriname as part of the audit team. After 3 years at KPMG she proceeded with her career at Baker Tilly Curaçao in June 2017.
Ariana is currently studying for the International Post Master Accountancy degree, also known as RA, via the University of Tilburg.

Sue-Wen Hyman

Senior Assistant Accountant
Sue-Wen Hyman started her professional career at PwC Dutch Caribbean.

After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Auditing and Controlling at the University of Curaçao, she moved to The Netherlands in 2014 to pursue her Master’s degree in Accountancy.

While being in The Netherlands she worked at PwC Utrecht where she gained experience in various industries ranging from healthcare, financial institutions, and retail.

After completing her Master of Science in Accountancy at the Nyenrode Business University she moved back to Curaçao and joined Baker Tilly as of May 2019 as Senior Assistant Accountant.

Sue-Wen is fluent in Papiamentu, Dutch, English, and Spanish. She is currently pursuing her Postmaster degree at Tilburg University.

Vanity Lucas

Assistant Accountant

Vanity Lucas joined our team in March 2018 as Assistant Accountant. She recently moved back to Curacao where she was born. In 2018 she will start studying for her Master’s degree in Accountancy. Vanity is fluent in Dutch, English, Papiamentu and Spanish. Vanity is very eager to learn and is looking forward to building her professional career within Baker Tilly. She is very ambitious and intends to become a certified accountant. When not at work, Vanity loves to cook. Also, she loves to go to the beach to relax, swim or scuba dive.

Lis-Marina Felix Pita

Assistant Accountant

Lis-Marina Felix Pita joined Baker Tilly in Curaçao as Assistant Accountant in January 2019 and has a Bachelor's degree in Business & Economics.

Lis-Marina graduated nominal at the University of Curacao in 2018. She takes pleasure into executing each task to the best of her abilities, while she always keeps an open ear for constructive feedback. In 2019 she will start studying for her master’s degree in Accountancy. Lis-Marina is fluent in Dutch, English, Papiamentu, Portuguese, and Spanish. Lis-Marina is very eager to learn and is looking forward to building her professional career within Baker Tilly.

Noraly van Thijs

Assistant Accountant

Noraly van Thijs joined Baker Tilly in Curaçao in September 2019 as Assistant Accountant. Noraly has obtained her nominal Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and Controlling in 2019 at the University of Curaçao. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science degree in Accountancy.

She is fluent in Papiamentu, English, Dutch, and Spanish. She is a very responsible, studiously, and social person. Noraly is ambitious to learn and is looking forward to building her professional career within Baker Tilly.


Victor T.M. Bergisch RA


Victor Bergisch RA (1964), Partner, started his career in 1988 at KPMG in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He graduated as Registeraccountant in 1997 at NIVRA-Nyenrode and in that year he moved to Curaçao to be employed at KPMG Curaçao. He joined Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean mid 2011. Victor has gained extensive experience in the financial services industry in the Netherlands Antilles, especially in banks, insurance companies and pension funds, as well as telecommunication and holding & finance companies.

Caroline da Silva de Jesus RA

Caroline da Silva de Jesus (1984) started her career in the Netherlands in 2007 working for a small then a midsized audit firm. In 2009 she obtained her degree in Master of Accountancy & Control from the University of Amsterdam and that year she moved to Curaçao to work for KPMG. She has gained experience on audit engagements in various industries, which include large local government entities, banks, pension funds and healthcare. She also has experience in review and compilation engagements and has been involved in some advisory engagements.

She joined Baker Tilly in Curacao in the beginning of 2013 and has finished her post Master Register Accountant at ICUC Curaçao in the beginning of 2014.

Raisa Ricardo

Audit Senior

Raisa Ricardo, Audit Senior, has obtained her Bachelor degree in Business Economics in 2012 at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. She worked for a couple of years in the Netherlands and returned to Curaçao in 2014 to work on the Assurance Team of PwC Dutch Caribbean. After having gained experience at PwC Dutch Caribbean, she started her career at Baker Tilly in Curaçao in April 2017.
Raisa has gained experience on audit engagements by working on different local and international clients, which includes large port company, education institutes in Bonaire, trading company, non-profit organizations, foundations and Healthcare institutes.

Marit Kuiper


Marit Kuiper (1993), Senior Assistant Accountant, joined Baker Tilly in September 2015. She studied Business Administration at the Hanzehogeschool Groningen and she obtained her bachelor degree in 2015. Marit did her internships at KPMG St. Maarten and Papagayo (located at Curaçao). After completing her studies she decided to return to Curaçao. Marit is currently studying for the post Bachelor AA at the Inter-Continental University of the Caribbean.

Claire Föllings


Claire Föllings, Supervisor, joined Baker Tilly in January 2019. She started her career at a local audit firm in the Netherlands in 2014 and worked there for 4,5 years. She studied at Nyenrode Business University where she obtained her Post Master's degree in 2018. In continuation for the RA-title she started the practical training in December 2018. Claire has experience in industries such as food production, technical innovation, retail, health care, non-profit organizations and several government-owned entities.

Harmon Hansen


Harmon Hansen (1988), Senior Assistant Accountant, graduated from the University of Curaçao with a Bachelor’s degree in Auditing and Controlling. In 2011 Harmon started his professional career at Stichting BAB where he gained experience in a wide range of fiscal matters and tax audits. In the beginning of 2015 he started working at KPMG Dutch Caribbean where he gained experience on audit engagements in various industries which include large local government entities, healthcare, trust and retail. Harmon joined Baker Tilly in Curacao  in January 2018 and is active in the audit practice. He is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish and Papiamentu. He is currently pursuing his CPA degree.

Stephanie Poussin

Senior Assistant Accountant

Stephanie Poussin (1989), Assistant Accountant, obtained her bachelor degree in Science in Accountancy and Controlling at the University of Curaçao (UoC) in 2014. After her graduation she worked as Junior Assistant Accountant at Accountantskantoor H.G.M. Jourdain B.V. Working at this accounting firm she gained experiences in auditing and compilation of financial statement and also bookkeeping. Stephanie joined Baker Tilly in March 2017. In September 2017 she started with her master in accounting at the University of Curaçao.

Patrycja Wyszumirska

Senior Assistant Accountant

Patrycja Wyszumirska (1991), Senior Assistant Accountant, graduated her bachelor degree in Business Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. After her graduation, she worked as an Assistant Accountant a small accountancy firm in the Netherlands. Patrycja joined Baker Tilly in February 2020. In 2020 she will also proceed with her study to become a certified accountant.


Nicole Da Silva Teixeira

Assistant Accountant

Nicole da Silva Teixeira joined Baker Tilly in Curaçao in March 2020. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at Hogeschool Rotterdam.

Before returning to her hometown, Nicole gained valuable work experience at KPMG in the Netherlands. She joined Baker Tilly as an Assistant Accountant.

Nicole has experience in subsidy audits and financial statement audits.

Vince Naar

Assistant Accountant
Tax Curacao

Arthur C. van Aalst

Tax Partner

Arthur C. van Aalst, Tax Partner, obtained his law degree from the University Leiden in 1998. He has a master in Direct Taxation and Tax Advocacy. In addition, Arthur followed several JD and LL.M courses at the University of Florida, Gainesville, USA. In 1999, Arthur joined the law firm NautaDutilh as tax attorney. He worked for NautaDutilh’s offices in Rotterdam and New York. Arthur also worked as tax lawyer for RSM Niehe Lancée Kooy and Ernst&Young and developed himself as a specialist in the field of international tax law and legal tax proceedings.

Arthur is the author of several legal articles in Dutch tax journals and the Dutch Financial Times and knows exactly how to convert difficult tax legislation or tax science into practical advices. Arthur specializes in the taxation aspects of:
– the organization and reorganization of international groups;
– the (re-)financing of loans;
– mergers and acquisitions
– the purchase, sale or renting of real estate;
– international transactions; and
– due diligence, (second) opinions and transfer pricing issues.
In addition, Arthur has a wide experience in the field of legal tax proceedings; from the local court up to and including the Supreme Court.

Miluska Willems

Tax Compliance Associate

Miluska Willems, Tax Compliance Associate, started her career in 2007 at Loyens & Loeff as a legal assistant. She obtained her bachelor's degree in law at the University of the Dutch Caribbean in 2014. After almost 8 years of experience at Loyens & Loef she also gained experience in the insurance industry as a commercial back-officer. Then she worked for 2 years at an administration office. Miluska has ample experience in several areas. She is a dedicated professional. 

Miluska joined Baker Tilly in Curacao in 2019 and is active in the tax compliance 

Wilco van Oosten

Tax Advisor

Wilco van Oosten RB (1965), manager compliance/tax adviser local market. Wilco started his professional career in 1990 with Coopers & Lybrand (nowadays PwC) in Utrecht, the Netherlands. In 1997 he moved to St. Maarten for a period of 6 years. In January 2007 he returned to the Netherlands Antilles and joined Baker Tilly Curaçao. Wilco is responsible for the compliance practice and all tax advice generated from this practice. He is also specialized in tax advice with respect to the fiscal aspects of pension schemes.

Charel Verheggen

Tax Advisor

Charel Verheggen (1989), Tax Advisor, obtained her bachelor's degree in Fiscal Law and Economics from the University of Curaçao in 2014. In 2012 Charel started her professional career as a tax assistant with a small tax firm in Curacao. In 2013 she worked as a tax trainee at the law firm Spigt Dutch Caribbean. Charel joined Baker Tilly Curaçao in 2014 and is active in the tax compliance and tax advice practice and she is a specialist in the field of wage tax and social security premiums. Charel is fluent in Dutch and English.

Jeroen Diekerhof

Tax Advisor

Jeroen Diekerhof has joined our team as per October 1st, 2016 as Tax Advisor.
He graduated from the Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands with a master’s degree in Fiscal Law.

As Tax Advisor, Jeroen drafts tax returns, advices and memos for clients. He likes the contact with the colleagues of his department and enjoys searching for and analyzing information in order to provide advice to clients.

Jeroen is fluent in Dutch and English.

Anjli Finessi LLM

Tax Partner

Anjli A. Finessi, Tax Partner, obtained her Master’s degree in Fiscal Law from the University of Amsterdam in 2002 and her AB from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH, U.S.A., in 1990. Between college and law school, Anjli worked in the International Banking Department of Coudert Brothers, a law firm in New York City, and in the international tax department of Price Waterhouse in Tokyo, Japan. Anjli interned at Loyens & Loeff Curaçao in 1999 and was asked to join the firm as a tax adviser in 2000 while finishing her degree in the Netherlands. During that time, Anjli also interned at the Loyens & Loeff Amsterdam and Rotterdam offices. In 2005 she left Loyens & Loeff to join MeesPierson Intertrust in Curaçao where she stayed until 2008.

While at MeesPierson Intertrust, Anjli acquired extensive knowledge of corporate and fiduciary services. She re-joined Loyens & Loeff in 2008 as Senior Associate Tax for both Curaçao and Aruba where she specialized in international corporate and personal (re)structuring, structured loans and (re)financing, aircraft leasing and cross-border asset protection and estate planning, with a particular focus on Latin American High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs) and so-called multi-Latinas (international conglomerates established and operating mainly in Central and South America and the Caribbean).

Anjli is a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) and is fluent in written and spoken English, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

Maria Agatha

Tax Compliance Associate

Maria Agatha-Chan (1973), Tax Compliance Associate, studied Finance and Control at the HES in Amsterdam. She started her career in the banking and finance industry working for Aegon and ING Bank in the Netherlands. After 20 years of professional working experience in the Dutch financial markets, Maria moved to Curaçao and joined Baker Tilly in Curacao in 2010. Maria provides tax compliance services and is responsible for database management.

Militza de Palm

Tax Compliance Associate
Militza de Palm (1964), Tax Compliance Associate, started her career in 1993 with Loyens & Volkmaars Curaçao before joining the Tax compliance department at Baker Tilly in the Dutch Caribbean. Militza has ample experience in business and salary administration and is a dedicated professional.

Militza is fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish and Papiamentu.

Jan Draaisma

Tax advisor

Jan Draaisma (1995), Tax advisor, born in Curaçao, raised in the Netherlands, obtained his master's degree in fiscal law at the University of Groningen in 2019. Jan has done internships at the Dutch tax authority (department big companies) and at De Jong & Laan. Jan is fluent in Dutch, English and German.

Accountancy St Maarten

Erik van Engelen

Senior Audit Manager

Erik van Engelen (1979) joined Baker Tilly in February 2018 as a Senior Manager. He studied at the University of Groningen and obtained a Master of Science degree in Auditing. Erik started his career at PwC in Curaçao in 2003 with a focus on Financial Services. He finished his RA education at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and moved back to the Netherlands in 2008 and joined the international business unit of PwC in Amsterdam with Schiphol Airport and TNT Post as most important clients. After seven years of auditing he began to work for the Kingdom Government as a financial supervisor on the Islands of the former Antilles (College financieel toezicht) from 2010 – 2015, on both Curaçao and Sint Maarten. Prior to joining our firm he worked for Flynth in the Netherlands as a Compliance Officer.

Erik gained experience with the following types of assignments/clients:
• Audit and review of financial statements;
• Corporate governance;
• Public Finance;
• Compliance;
• Compilation of financial statements.

Erik has also gained experience as a board member of the Dutch Caribbean Accountants Association in the function of treasurer and he founded the Young Professionals Dutch Caribbean Association.

Erik is praised to be result-oriented, ambitious, decisive, flexible and most of all communicative (also in Papiamentu!).

Maria York

Assistant Accountant

Maria York (1987), Assistant Accountant. She started her career in Trinidad where she obtained roughly 9 years experience in the field of accounting, covering areas from book keeping to assisting in Financial Statement preparation. She also has hands on experience with accounting softwares such as QuickBooks, Great Plains and Sage Peachtree. She comes with accounting exposure to several types of companies such as Non-profit, Insurance and Investment banking organizations. Currently she is pursuing the ACCA qualification to be a Chartered Certified Accountant.

Ashwini Gossai

Assistant Accountant

Ashwini Gossai (1995) is a chartered certified accountant and Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) as of 2018. She is currently pursuing an MBA with Edinburgh Business School, Heriot-Watt University and is expected to finish in 2020.

She has worked in several roles over her student life and professional career spanning more than five (5) years, gaining experience in accounting, administration and general management.  She has worked in a variety of industries including financial institution, car dealership and not-for-profit organizations. Ashwini has also been a personal tutor, teaching Mathematics at the CXC level and Accounting at the CAT level.

Ashwini is credited with being ambitious, detail-oriented and organized with a zest for efficiency and productivity.

Andrea Lewis


Andrea Lewis (1983), Supervisor, graduated from Florida State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Finance.  Andrea is currently busy pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Keller Graduate School of Management and is expected to complete in 2015. She joined Baker Tilly St. Maarten in 2008. Her expertise includes but is not limited to the set-up of organizations financial administration and general procedures. Andrea has seven (7) years of experience in financial accounting services which specializes in advisory and structuring of small to medium size businesses, government institutions, utility companies, industrial organization, and medical institutions.


Chesley Augustine

Assistant Accountant

Chesley Augustine graduated in 2015 with her Associates of Business Administration- Accounting Concentration. She has continued her study through Oxford Brookes University and is currently pursuing her ACCA qualification.
Previously, Chesley has worked for reputable and well-known NAGICO Insurances for 4 years in the accounting field. Her experience at NAGICO allowed her to broaden her practical skills and be educated at the same time, which gave her an edge in her career goals.
Apart from Chesley’s career, she is an active athlete who plays volleyball on a national level for St. Maarten. She has been playing this sport for about 10 years, and has a great passion for it and is hoping to one day have a training camp for youths in the future.
Chesley believes that, “Whatever you want in life, you can achieve it. All you have to do is put your mind to it and get it. Yes, you may have obstacles in the way, but what fun will it be without a little challenge.” 

Omar Williams

Assistant Accountant

Kess Lusia

Assistant Accountant
Tax St. Maarten

Maarten Tervoort

Managing Director

Maarten C. Tervoort (1984), Tax Advisor, graduated from the University of Maastricht (NL) with a master in International Tax Law in 2008. After his graduation, he worked for an internationally oriented accountancy and tax consultancy firm in Eindhoven (NL) for over 4 years. In this period, Maarten gained extensive experience in international structures and in wage tax and formal tax issues.

Maarten’s interest in foreign tax structures and new fiscal regimes resulted in working for the Tax department of Bonaire, Statia and Saba (BES) as tax inspector. In the 2.5 years as tax inspector, he educated colleague tax inspectors on all different forms of taxation on the BES, and foremost in formal tax law and litigation.

Maarten joined Baker Tilly in St. Maarten in 2014 as Tax Manager and became managing director in 2018

Suhéély Kronstadt 

Tax Assistant

Suhéély Kronstadt-Margaritha (1991) joined Baker Tilly in June 2019 as Tax Assistant. She graduated from the University of Curacao and obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science in Fiscal Law and Economics.

Suheely gained experience in Curaçao fiscal law during her internships at the Tax Inspection office and the SBAB in Curaçao.

She plans on pursuing her Master of Fiscal Law in the near future.

Paula de Bruijn

Tax Advisor
Paula de Bruijn LL.M, joined the Baker Tilly team in St. Maarten as a tax advisor in April 2020. She has a master’s degree in International and European Tax Law which she obtained at the University of Amsterdam in 2015.

Paula worked for several tax advisory firms in the Netherlands, where she gained experience in different areas of tax law, before moving to St. Maarten. Although her focus is on advising on matters of corporate tax law, she is equally at home advising her clients on matters of personal income tax as well as indirect taxation.


Staff St. Maarten

Rebecca Taylor

Administrative assistant

Rebecca Taylor, Administrative assistant, joined Baker Tilly in September 2019. She is currently studying business management at the University of St. Martin.  Where she will soon obtain her associates degree and continue her studies. Her aspiration is to study accounting law in the near future. Rebecca Taylor gained great knowledge and experience at Baker Tilly and tend to apply all she’s learned in the future.



Danny Bol

Financial and Tax Consultant

Danny Bol (1970), Financial and Tax Consultant. After obtaining his Bachelor in SPD and CB Tax Consultancy, Danny has gained wide ranged working experience in The Netherlands as a Relation Manager Accountancy, Interim Financial Controller and as a Financial & Tax Consultant. Danny moved to Bonaire in 2004 and has worked for the Baker Tilly in Bonaire since 2010. His main focus is transparency, quality, efficiency.

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