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If you have a growing business or are considering to sell or a flotation, audited financial statements are vital. These provide a realistic view on prospects and scenarios. In our experience companies that are audited tend to take a more professional approach to good governance, including considerations of internal controls and the use of external advisory boards, which can be appealing to investors.

Moreover, legislation in the Dutch Caribbean requires certain types and sizes of companies to present an official audit report done by a certified accountant.

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Committed to quality and value

Producing insightful audits can be of paramount importance to your business. An audit should be worth the money you pay for it and our approach is aimed at delivering this promise. We conduct a full scope audit in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA). This process consists of various phases: planning and risk analysis, interim-audit, final audit and a discussion and reporting of findings. Audit quality is not merely a function of technical competence but of professional conduct too. That’s why Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean insists that ethical standards are paramount and certainly no less important than technical competence.

With the client in mind

While many other firms are mostly worried about what rules and regulations tax authorities and other regulators impose on audit firms, our point of view has always been to ensure that regulation does not adversely affect you as our client. We are committed to talking to you about what you need and we continuously survey the business community in general. Our audit approach is founded on detailed risk assessments and corroborated analytical reviews. We are determined to understand ‘what makes your business tick’, instead of just ‘ticking the boxes’.

Going international

We are a 100% local firm and an independent member of Baker Tilly International. The independent worldwide accountancy and business advisory network of Baker Tilly International belongs to the top ten in the world and through our affiliation, it is available to you when inter-national audit or assurance services are required. Using short communication lines, our network applies the highest quality standards without making the process arduous.

Other assurance services

In addition, we also have extensive experience in other assurance services such as:

  • Reviews of financial statements
  • Agreed (third-party) procedures
  • Assistance with mergers and acquisitions
  • Division agreements.

What to expect from us

  • Our audit teams consist of excellent professionals, most of whom are certified accountants.
  • This makes our teams highly effective and efficient.
  • They only ask the right questions and will not burden the organization with impractical procedures.
  • Cornerstones of our audit approach are open communication – from start to finish – and profound partner and manager involvement in the audit process.
  • This ensures that you will not have surprises at the end of the audit, as relevant matters are constantly part of our cooperation.

How we work

‘From risk analysis to a tailor-made audit program’ – a gist of our audit approach

First, we perform a full risk analysis in your company, which together with you we convert into a specific audit program, tailor-made to your company.

We perform a thorough analysis of the governance and internal control environment, in which we particularly focus on the administrative organization and critical internal control measures and we assess its effectiveness. Based on this risk analysis we determine the audit program for the interim audit and the final audit. An important audit procedure is the ‘analytic review of financial information’.

We perform our final audit after the end of the financial year. In this phase, we mainly focus on individual items in the financial statements, the notes and the compliance with valuation principles and reporting requirements. We discuss the findings of the final audit with you and finalize our audit work with the issuance of an audit opinion on the consolidated financial statements and a management letter with relevant remarks on administrative organization and internal control.

Key contact
Photo of Dionne Heymans MSc RA
Dionne Heymans MSc RA
Audit Director
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Caroline da Silva de Jesus RA
Photo of Arjen Pool RA
Arjen Pool RA
Audit Director
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