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In today’s competitive markets it is very important to be ahead of the game. Oftentimes small and medium-sized businesses originate from a personal ambition of the entrepreneur, which over time expands to a larger company. To grow means managing your own business: focus on your craft, managing people, sales and marketing and also, administration and finances. Accurate, timely and reliable information is imperative in taking effective strategic decisions about your company’s heading.

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Your information systems should be designed in such a way that they provide the vital information that keeps your company manageable and on course. But as a small or medium-sized business, you may find it challenging to have the financial room to appoint a dedicated manager for this. In the fast-pace environment you operate in and definitely in case of expansion or a business transfer, such an advisor is paramount.

If your answer to one or more of the following questions is no, you may be lacking vital business information that we can help you attain.

  • Does Management receive a weekly summary of the Key Performance Indicators?
  • Is there a framework that lays out the requirements for monthly management information reports?
  • Are these management reports analyzed, presented and discussed?
  • Does your company have a long-term strategic planning, supported by a financial prognosis?
  • Was this long term strategic planning translated to an annual budget?

What to expect from us

Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean can assess your management information needs quickly and easily. Our CFO on Demand is an expert in financial management information and identification/implementation of KPI’s and can show you various ways to benefit from quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily basis management reporting. Though our CFO on Demand is always tailor-made to your specific situation, here are some of the most important benefits for your company:

  • You gain a strategic partner with financial expertise
  • Better cash flow management
  • You attain timely and accurate management information
  • Identification and management of risks
  • You can focus more on your core business while being fully informed on your company’s performances, opportunities and issues that need attention.

A strategic partner with financial expertise

As managing director, vision, strategy, management and implementation all end up on the same plate and may become too much to juggle on your own. Your Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean CFO on Demand is an independent partner who speaks your language, is reliable and hands-on and can always financially substantiate your decisions.

Better cash flow management

Cash flow is vital to the continuity of your business. In many companies revenue and results are always closely monitored, while cash flow management lags behind. Your CFO on Demand provides accurate cash flow forecasts and links these to your management information system. We also take into account investments and financing, allowing you to inform your bank in a timely manner, when necessary.

Timely and accurate management information

We can design and develop a system of management reporting for you that provides information based on your Key Performance Indicators. If need be, we can determine these KPI’s together with you beforehand. If you so wish, we can also draw up and present the periodic management reports for you.

Identification and management of risks

The financial risks and opportunities of doing business require your attention. Your CFO on Demand can help you identify and manage these financial parameters, through a continuous thorough assessment of the available figures. We discuss a strategy with you on how these risks and possibilities can best be managed.

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