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Baker Tilly unveils new visual identity and brand positioning

Dec 3, 2018
Monday, December 3, 2018

Baker Tilly unveils new visual identity and brand positioning

Baker Tilly in Curacao, Sint Maarten, Bonaire and Aruba is proud to unveil a new logo, visual identity and a new purpose - Now for tomorrow - as part of the ongoing evolution of the Baker Tilly brand. This will be a global rebranding which means that all Baker Tilly Accountancy and Tax firm in the world will launch their new branding starting today.

The rebranding is aimed at strengthening and modernizing how we represent our global network and firm to clients, our people, our accountancy and tax services and the communities in which we operate, all the core elements that comprise Baker Tilly’s visual identity - colour, fonts, imagery, and the applications in which they reside - have evolved.

Speaking on the new identity, Managing Partner Eric Vesseur of Baker Tilly Dutch Caribbean said: “Beyond our expertise and proven capability to serve our local and  global clients on the highest level, we want the Baker Tilly brand to be synonymous with our commitment to building great relationships and having great conversations to ensure great futures. This is what sets us apart. We make decisions now, to shape a successful tomorrow for our clients, our people, our profession and our communities. From today, Now, for tomorrow will serve as both our purpose and our tagline, becoming central to our brand and at the forefront of our communications.

Partner Victor Bergisch highlights; “Growth is at the heart of our business. Our new logo is inspired by organic growth patterns found in nature. It signifies our capacity to be agile and adaptable to the unique needs of our clients. The word mark is in all lowercase letters to represent our personal and approachable nature. The removal of the space between Baker and Tilly signifies our cohesive network.”

The emphasis on a new brand identity reflects Baker Tilly International’s desire for a more unified representation across its global network. "Our decision to make this change now is because over the last 20 years the Baker Tilly network has continued to grow and evolve and this needs to be reflected in our branding. A consistent brand position makes it easier for people to appreciate who we are, what we do, and how we operate across markets,

The new visual identity goes ‘live’ today in Sint Maarten, Curacao, Aruba and Bonaire together with member firms in over 130 territories, who will trade under the name Baker Tilly and will continue to offer accountancy and tax services on the highest level


Eric Vesseur, Managing partner, Baker Tilly, +5999 7366300, vesseur@bakertillycuracao.com 


  • The Baker Tilly network comprises 125 member firms, with 33,600 people in 147 territories.
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