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Nov 13, 2019
Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Mr Cool sponsors project Keep a Cool Head

Mr Cool, refrigerator & air-conditioning supplier in Cole Bay, sponsors project Keep a Cool Head in kind by providing six inverter units. The units will be installed for free in Milton Peters College classrooms in November. Project Keep a Cool Head, providing solar-powered air-conditioning for MPC classrooms still in lack thereof, has been launched in September by accounting firm Baker Tilly, a delegation of MPC teachers and students and SVOBE.

Mr Cool is the preferred supplier of AC units and as such knows his way around the MPC school premises. His sponsoring of six AC units and free installation marks another US$ 5,000 in sponsoring for project Keep a cool head. Since the solar panels will be installed separately from the AC’s, the first three units can be put in place already. Installation is expected to commence in the second half of November.

The project team’s technical consultant, The Wizards, advised to put in place two smaller AC units instead of one big one, thus increasing the sustainability of the AC system. If for instance one AC is defect or needs to be serviced, back-up is provided for. The smaller AC’s are also less demanding on the solar park, which is to be installed on one of the MPC roofs. The AC units to be placed will be high-end inverter units with a relatively high energy saving certification (23 Seer). In combination with the solar park, expectations are that the MPC GEBE bill will drop after finalization of the project.

Baker Tilly project manager van Engelen explains: “As the Keep a Cool Head project has two funding programs, one being the Adopt a Classroom – Alumni Program, and the other being the Crowdfunding initiative, this sponsoring in kind will be allocated to the crowdfunding part. For the crowdfunding we still need US$ 50,000, after Mr Cool’s kind donation.”

Students and teachers are working hard on other crowdfunding initiatives, of which the flagship will surely be the “Stop School Fights – Keep a Cool Head School Party”, to be organized in the Festival Village in December. Entrance fee will be USD 15 and the larger SXM bands are expected to be performing.

For more information please contact Baker Tilly at or Femke Neunzig at

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