Checklist Income Tax 2023

Checklist Income Tax 2023

Annually, Baker Tilly publishes a helpful checklist designed to streamline the preparation of your personal income tax return.  This carefully designed checklist provides an overview of the information and documents you need to prepare for your personal income tax return. If you would like our help with the preparation of your personal income tax return; provide us with the information and documents as completely as possible. 

The checklist 2023 for Curaçao is available in English and Dutch and the checklist 2023 for St Maarten is available in English.

Checklist Income Tax English Curacao

Checklist Inkomstenbelasting Nederlands Curacao

Checklist Income Tax English Sint Maarten

Please note, this checklist is general in nature and covers the most common but not all of the necessary information for the preparation of an income tax return.

Do you have any questions about this checklist or do you want support with the preparation of your income tax return? 

Contact our tax team:

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Anjli Finessi LLM
Tax Partner
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Arthur C. van Aalst
Tax Partner
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Charel Verheggen
Tax Advisor
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